Who is Sacha Black?

11017841_432367756920213_552968411653097653_nThey say night owls stay up late. But in the depths of midnight, Sacha isn’t just awake. She’s hunting. A nightwalker carefully treading the line between light and dark, strange and unusual. A hunter desperately pursuing the right words to chronicle the tales of The Netherworld.

Keepers, is the first book in a series of Eden East novels set in The Netherworld. It’s currently being beaten into submission edited while the second book is outlined and boils in the cauldron of her mind.

Sacha is also writing Adultland, a new YA novel set in a dystopian world where Hunters steal all the adults and trap children in their cities.

She is also cheating on both those WIPs with a novel called the Firmament, another YA novel that’s being written in corridors, between meetings and sat on the toilet, it will eventually become a fully fledged book baby.

Finally, she is writing a Non-Fiction creative writing book, on Villains.

She is also the founder of the Annual Bloggers Bash and Bash Awards.

Sacha was always meant to write, she was the girl who spent her lunch break tucked away in the corner of the school library, head buried in a pile of books, pencil in hand, weaving stories on the page. But she grew up, stumbled and fell forgetting her dream and then spent a while lost in a dark and twisted place.

Then, one day she sat in front of her laptop and started to write. She remembered that all she’d ever wanted to do was write stories set in far away places filled with curious creatures and magical happenings. Characters started to talk to her, filling her brain with incessant chatter and demanded their stories be told. And so, The Netherworld was created, and Eden’s story began.

Sacha is a wanderer at heart. A thinker, and ponderer on anything unusual or controversial which you can see in her Weekend Wonders series. She finds inspiration in the beauty of imperfection and is captivated by evocative questions.

She’s loud, but it’s mostly a mask. She prefers to take sanctuary in travelling the world, particularly New York or Asia. She’s spent time in both including Nepal and the Himalayas where she trekked up to Everest Base Camp. She also finds peace shoving her nose deep into a book, and lastly through haunting songs and tunes with a filthy dirty base beat!

Sacha has a fascination with writing, but particularly with deconstructing the writing process which she shares on her non-fiction blog. Here, she focuses on her own books, fiction, excerpts, and reviewing books in her genre.

Sacha is also a mother to a toddler and wife to a beautiful woman. When she’s not writing, she can be found working in the public sector, doing gel nails or occasionally baking cupcakes.

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